Who Is It For?

We at JMC strictly follow the protocols of adult stem cell therapy as laid out in important clinical trials as PRECISE for Cardiac Cell Therapy. The results of tests were done using adult stem cells on chronic health problems have provided positive results. We don’t say straightaway that it is the right procedure for you. But the experienced medical team will carefully review medical history, understand your chronic health condition, and discuss the possibility and advantages of adult cell therapy for you. There are conditions that determine whether you are fit for this treatment. Experts at JMC can determine whether the procedure is suitable for you. If your medical records indicate that you are capable of undergoing fat harvesting, stem cell therapy can be performed on you.

We at JMC treat different types of health conditions. Each patient has own unique needs and thus, the treatment procedures and plans are different. People with heart ailments are generally considered to be suitable patients for JMC Cell Therapy.

If you are able to lay flat and can come to Kota Kinabalu, JMC Cell Therapy is the procedure that you must try. Remember, quality of life will be badly affected by heart ailments and Cell Therapy at JMC can help you get back to normal life.

What medicines and a bypass surgery can’t do, JMC Cell Therapy can. Opt for cardiac stem cell therapy to understand the benefit of such a non-invasive procedure in healing chronic ailments and their symptoms. It is a new CAD treatment procedure that you should opt for.

To determine whether you are the right candidate for an adult stem cell therapy, there are certain ways to measure:

We at JMC will do tests like echocardiogram and a SPECT or nuclear to ensure that you will be the right person for a stem cell therapy. In addition to that there will be consultations by the experts to be able to help you understand whether you qualify as a candidate for the procedure.

We at JMC accept referrals from physicians. We also entertain inquiries from patients who have been diagnosed with CAD. Physicians and patients who are eager to learn more about adult stem cell therapy can call and question the experts at JMC. We would be glad to help you understand the procedure. We can also provide you detailed information on how the treatment is performed.

If you need to find out whether you are the right candidate you should contact the Patient Liaison of JMC. You can either request for a free educational consulting or can directly dial +6088 366333.

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