Benefits of JMC Stem Cell Therapy

If you are living with chronic and debilitating health conditions, probably JMC Cell Therapy could help. This is a new option for patients with severe health ailments. Treatment is done using a person’s own adult stem cells extracted from the patient’s own body fat.

Mesenchymal stem cells or the MSCs are cells in your body that have the ability to decrease inflammation, replace damaged tissues and repair cells. These cells are there in large numbers in the fat tissues of the body. These cells stimulate new blood vessel growth and improve blood flow.

The main aim of JMC Cell Therapy is not just to target the symptoms, but also to address the underlying cause of the injury or chronic condition you are suffering from. Cell Therapy by Okayanos aims to put your body’s own natural healing capabilities to work for you.

The stem cells in your body are “physicians” who can correctly diagnose and correct individual affected areas of the body. These cells can detect the changes that occur due to pain and dysfunction. These cells can provide the right tools to the body for proper healing. The adult stem cells are also known as “repair cells” and can perform the following functions:

Okayanos Cell Therapy stimulates your body’s own healing mechanisms. A joint or damaged heart tissue can be healed using adult stem cells. Injecting these cells in the affected areas will help in the process of healing.

In addition to these few there are other chronic health conditions that are treated using the JMC Cell Therapy. We can restore your health and can help you lead normal, healthy life. We have state-of-the-art technology and a team of certified medical practitioners for performing stem cell therapy. We promise to provide the highest possible standards of care and safety to you during the treatment.

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