Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy – the treatment that has helped in saving thousands of patients with leukemia and treated diseases in the blood to disorders of the immune systems. Stem cells can be used in the branch of regenerative medicines to create or regenerate functional and living tissues and organs. Tissues and organs damaged due to reasons like congenital defects, age, accidents, and disease. Stem cell therapy can cure impaired tissues too.

A stem cell therapy can be the best alternative answer to organ transplantation that use cells in place of donor organs, which are often difficult to get. The stem cells used for the treatment are obtained from the body fat of the patient. The cells are then replanted into the region of impaired and damaged tissues. These cells reduce inflammation and improve the blood flow to the cells. Patients with a variety of chronic disorders qualify for the procedure.

How does the therapy work to heal chronic disease?

The JMC Stem Cell Therapy extracts and cultures stem cells from the patients’ own body fat. These cells are then injected back to the affected areas of the body for replenishment and repair. This adipose based cell therapy is the most formidable type of a rehabilitative treatment.

One of the most common type of stem cell therapy is the bone marrow transplantation. This process is the best for treating leukemia, diseases related to blood, and a few types of cancers. Another important form of stem cell transplantation is the introduction of the adult peripheral blood stem cells. Yet another form is the umbilical cord stem cell transplant. However, the one that is gaining the most popularity is the adipose based stem cell therapy.

How are the adult stem cells, help the body?

During the stem cell treatment, adult stem cells derived from body fat will be delivered to the affected area of the body. This is done by using a catheter, IV infusion or through direct injection. The stem cells will not remain at the injected place forever. However, during the short stay, these cells secrete proteins and certain important growth factors. These in turn help in activating the body’s native ability to repair and replenish the cells.

At JMC stem cells, the unique blend of regenerative cells found in the adipose tissues are used to halt immune responses and restores the body’s normal functioning. The stem cell therapy at JMC will help in cellular-level repair of organ damage. This therapy increase blood flow and thus. Reduce inflammation of cells and tissues.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

  • Stem cells help in the formation of new blood vessels. This process is known as angionenesis. It leads to an improved flow of blood in the tissues.
  • The anti-inflammatory effect of the stem cells has been already discussed.
  • The adipose stem cells attach to the damaged areas and recruit cells to repair tissues.
  • The stem cells help in reducing the scar tissues that are formed after a heart attack and thus, reduce the chance of further damages.
  • Continuous cell deaths can be prevented with stem cell therapy.

You can opt for stem cell therapy as a patient’s own fat-derived stem cells are used. Thus, there is no risk of cell rejection that often occurs in the case of full organ transplantations.

Adult stem cells work every moment in your body to heal and repair your body. The bumps and bruises that you get on a regular basis get healed naturally because of stem cells. In fact, regular wear and tear of the body is taken care of by these cells.

These restorative stem cells in the body need to be isolated for a procedure of stem cell therapy. The stem cells can be found in the fat tissues of the body. These segregated stem cells are then targeted to specific areas of the body where there are inflammations and damages. The stem cells can detect the changes that occur in the body that are causing such pain and dysfunction. These cells can naturally communicate and respond to their local environmental needs. Accordingly, the cells can provide the right tools needed for healing

Now, you know that in a procedure of adult stem cell treatment, the cells derived from fat will be delivered to the damaged and inflamed areas of the body to induce healing. The cells are delivered to the affected area through a catheter, IV infusion, or direct injection. But quite interestingly, these ‘physician’ cells will not stay there for long. During the short stay of the cells in the affected area, these cells will secrete proteins and growth factors. Eventually, these cells help in turning on the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The unique blend of regenerative and stem cells that are found in your body fat tissues have shown remarkable effectiveness. These cells together can halt destructive immune responses in the body and can restore the normal functioning. The cells repair the cells of the body from the cellular-level. Moreover, there is also an increase in the blood flow and reduction of inflammation.

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