Orthopedic Diseases

Stem cell therapy has become a viable option for patients who have to suffer from daily discomfiture of orthopedic diseases due to its minimally invasive nature. Various orthopedic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spine diseases and different sports injuries can be treated via this method. JMC Stem Cell Therapy is capable of addressing the root causes of the problem. At the same time, it will provide relief and improve the healing process. All this will be done by making use of the mesenchymal stem cells found inside the fat tissues of your body.

This is an innovative treatment as it uses mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissues. These stem cells possess the ability to reduce inflammations. The cells can even repair various tissues by replacing existing damaged cells. The treatment will also improve the communication between cells. Growth of new blood cells will be promoted which, in turn, will boost the flow of blood to the affected areas.

Common Orthopedic Diseases

Orthopedic conditions are fairly widespread and millions of people across the world suffer from them. Orthopedic problems can range from reduced functions to debilitating pain.

Instances of osteoarthritis are on the rise. As the cartilage on the ends of the bones start to wear down, it results in osteoarthritis. In this condition, you will have to suffer the pain of bone bearing down on bone. There will generally be some degree of disability as well. The common orthopedic treatments for this condition are surgery, injections of cortisone and pain relievers. Results tend to vary.

As per research, most orthopedic conditions arise out of inflammation. Adult stem cells possess the ability to bring about a reduction in inflammation. Additionally, these cells can mature into a variety of specialized cells and thereby replace damaged tissues in bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. This ability makes them extremely useful for treating various orthopedic conditions such as the following.

How Will Stem Cell Therapy Help Orthopedic Problems?

JMC Stem Cell Therapy uses a special kind of stem cells called mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs. These cells can be derived from the adipose tissues in your body. Mesenchymal stem cells possess the ability to recognize their environment and locate the exact source of dysfunction and pain. They will then respond by providing the necessary mechanisms for improving the healing process. Due to their ability to provide such healing benefits to injured organs, these cells are often called ‘repair cells’. The primary functions of MSCs are as follows.

By bringing in your own MSCs into your damaged joints, blood flow will be stimulated which allows the affected areas to heal faster. The JMC Stem Cell Therapy can also help people suffering from chronic tendon issues like Achilles tendon. These conditions have been resistant to most other treatments.

JMC Stem Cell Therapy allows you to use your own mesenchymal stem cells to boost the healing capabilities of your body. In other words, your own body will help it to heal.