A stroke can leave behind a major impact on your ability to lead a normal life. The effect is directly dependent on how severe the stroke traumatized the brain. Some common aftereffects of a stroke are speech and memory impairment, loss of physical function and loss of vision. These conditions can make it difficult for you to lead a normal life.

The JMC stem cell therapy makes use of the incredible stem cells located in the fatty or adipose tissues of the body. By utilizing the healing capabilities of these cells, JMC stem cell therapy offers hope for stroke patients by helping the brain recover its lost functional abilities.

What is a Stroke?

In medical circles, brain ischemia is used to refer to a stroke. It is also known as a brain attack as it is quite similar to a heart attack. A stroke will occur when the blood flow to your brain is cut off for some reason. Blood flow is affected generally because of a clot or if the blood vessel becomes weak.

The obstruction of the blood flow prevents oxygen from reaching the brain cells. This causes the brain cells to start dying which results in a stroke. The degree of damage caused to the brain depends on how severe and how long the blood flow is obstructed. In the serious cases, the injuries caused by the stroke can lead to permanent and serious damage to the brain. It can even lead to disabilities.

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Patients

Adult stem cells can be found in different tissues in a person’s body. These stem cells are responsible for repairing most damages such as bruises, scratches, bumps and even acute injuries. It does not matter what kind of injury is affecting you. It can be a simple cut or even a stroke. Stem cells are capable of repairing the damaged tissues.

However, the amount of stem cells is not equal for all parts of the body. Some tissues have more of these cells while others have almost negligible amounts. Researches have revealed that brain tissues does not have enough stem cells to undertake serious repairs that other tissues, such as skin, are capable of.

At the same time, there are tissues which contain a remarkably large amount of these stem cells. One of the most potent areas is the adipose tissues. These tissues are used by the body to store fat. However, they also contain a special kind of stem cells known as mesenchymal stem cells. The MSCs possess a rather unique ability to help the body heal itself faster. Now, with the advancement of medical science, it is possible to use this powerful ability of the cells to address any injuries that occur in the brain due to a stroke.

JMC stem cell therapy uses a special system called the Cytori Celution to cross the blood brain barrier and inject these cells directly into the damaged portions of the brain. Once delivered, the MSCs will start healing the region by improving the flow of blood and prevent additional brain cells from dying.