Parkinson’s disease

Getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is not an easy thing to come to terms with. It can change your life completely. The fact is that certain symptoms of this disease are not easy to detect. At the same time, this disease can progress at a rapid pace. Within a few weeks, the patient will be deprived of a normal life. The disease manifests itself through loss of motor control, cognitive impairments and the inability to sleep properly.

In recent years, experts in stem cell therapy have been focusing their efforts into curing this debilitating disease. It has become possible to use the adipose tissue of the patient to treat thee condition. After all, the adipose tissue is a viable and potent source of mesenchymal stem cells. JMC Stem Cell Therapy will utilize the healing potential of these cells to give the patient a chance to live a normal life.

Introduction to Parkinson’s disease

In neurodegenerative diseases, the tissues of the brain begin to degenerate. However the exact causes of neurodegenerative diseases are still unclear. However, it is known that a variety of factors lead to it.

In Parkinson’s disease, it starts when the brain nerve cells responsible for producing dopamine become damaged. Dopamine is an important chemical. Its function is that of a messenger as it transmits various signals inside the brain that results in normal motor control. Without sufficient amounts of dopamine, routine actions or coordinated movements become difficult. This results in tremors, slowed movements, muscular rigidity and general instability. The symptoms tend to worsen with the passage of time.

The Healing Power of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The adipose tissues of your body are filled with mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs for short. These cells are capable of acting like tiny doctors. After all, they can not only diagnose the problem, they can also perform the necessary actions to heal the body.

These cells possess the ability to sense any abnormal changes in their surroundings which are causing the disease and unpleasantness. Once detected, these cells respond by communicating with the surroundings. Doing so, allows the body to prepare and implement the necessary processes required to heal the area. Mesenchymal stem cells are greatly capable of repairing damaged tissues and even nerve cells in this manner.

JMC Stem Cell Repair will be reintroducing stem cells derived from your own body. The MSCs will be injected into the damaged portions of your brain. This will boost the regeneration of the damaged brain cells which are in charge of producing dopamine. By taking away one of the leading causes of Parkinson’s disease, you will start on the road to recovery. Soon, your brain functions will start to improve and the quality of your life will become better.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease yet. Even stem cell therapies have not yet proven to be a complete solution to this disease. However, research has brought promising evidence that stem cells may hold the key to curing Parkinson’s. Till then, stem cell therapies can be used to slow down the degenerative progression of the disease which is known to advance rather rapidly.