Ischemia can be a difficult diagnosis to accept as it is not an easy condition to live with. On other hand, JMC stem cell therapy can help patients with this condition. The treatment will target those heart tissues that are suffering from insufficient flow of blood. In the treatment, stem cells will be isolated from the body fat of the patient and then injected into the areas that have been damaged by ischemia. Additionally, the stem cells will help the tissues to regenerate faster and reduce the occurrence of inflammation.

An Introduction to Ischemia

Ischemia is a medical condition which develops when a part of the body is unable to receive an ample amount of blood. The inadequate flow of blood can create a lot of issues in the affected areas as they are deprived of oxygen and nutrients which cannot be provided any other way.

Obstruction to the flow of blood can arise due to coronary artery disease. In that disease, the coronary artery becomes narrow or blocked. This prevents the muscles of the heart from receiving the adequate amount of oxygenated blood. The muscles will not be able to function at their optimum level as a result. With the passage of time, ischemia will weaken the heart and damage it. It can even end up causing heart failure if left untreated.

The Different Symptoms of Ischemia

When suffering from ischemia, patients can experience the symptoms anytime even if exertion or stress is absent. Generally, the symptoms are generally experienced when the patient is putting too much pressure on the heart. Even during simple exercises such as walking up the stairs require the heart to use more oxygen. However, the blockages prevent the heart from accessing the needed blood. In such conditions, angina will manifest itself. In fact, for ischemia, angina is the major symptom.

At the same time, it is possible for other symptoms to develop when suffering from Ischemia. Some of the symptoms are given below.

Modern medicine is sufficiently advanced for interventional procedures to be implemented in a patient suffering from ischemia. This can include stents, angioplasty or medication. Each of these treatments tries to increase the flow of blood. At the same time, they can help in managing the symptoms. However, these treatments mat not be completely effective.

Healing Ischemia with Stem Cell Therapy

JMC stem cell therapy is specially designed so that it can target the exact area of damage. This includes injured tissues in the heart. At the same time, it is possible to boost the growth of blood vessels. This is made possible through the use of mesenchymal stem cells derived adipose tissues of the body. Some of the benefits that patients have enjoyed with this therapy are given below.

These improvements are related to the performance of the heart. Apart from symptoms and better functions, the patient will enjoy a better quality of life with JMC stem cell repair.