Congestive Heart Failure

The primary function of the heart is to pump the blood to the various parts of the body. However, if it is unable to do so properly, then it is suffering from a condition known as Congestive Heart Failure. This disorder is a progressive condition which can persist and worsen with the passage of time and affect the functions of the other parts of the body.

An Introduction to Congestive Heart Failure

A common misconception is that Congestive Heart Failure means that the heart has stopped working. When the heart stops completely it is called cardiac arrest which is different from Congestive Heart Failure. The cause of Congestive Heart Failure can vary among patients. That means the proper treatment to be prescribed according to each case.

This disease can manifest in adults and even children if they were born with defects of the heart. However, this disorder is generally caused if the patient has suffered from cardiac conditions previously.

Patients who suffer from Congestive Heart Failure need to prioritize their treatment so that the first step is the management and control of the pain and issues caused by the disorder. The symptoms of this disorder tends to vary as they are affected by a number of factors such as existing medical conditions, lifestyle, diet and the stage at which the disorder is detected. Be that as it may, some of the symptoms are given below.

A number of treatments are available for helping patients suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. They can include medications, diet and surgery. However, the treatments may prove to be ineffective at eliminating the pain of the disorder or improve the condition of the patient.

Treating Congestive Heart Failure with Adult Stem Cells

The symptoms associated with Congestive Heart Failure can be managed and even reduced with the help of JMC stem cell therapy.

This therapy makes use of the mesenchymal stem cells which are found in great numbers in the adipose tissues of a person’s body. These cells possess some remarkable qualities and properties. Among them, their ability to encourage the growth of newer blood vessels makes the cells suitable in treating conditions of the heart. The new blood vessels will provide a channel through which oxygen and nutrients can travel to the heart. This in turn helps the heart tissues to regenerate and prevent further death of their cells.

Scientific research has already pointed out that using stem cells from the patient’s own body can improve the flow of blood to the person’s heart. Overall, this improves the functions of the heart. JMC stem cell therapy makes use of this technique to help heart patients find relief.