Chronic Wounds

A chronic wound is a tough thing to deal with. It is not only painful but also a source of frustration as you know it will never heal. However, there can now be hope for all those patients who have to live with chronic wounds. JMC stem cell therapy has been noticed to be effective at treating these kinds of wounds.

This therapy uses adult stem cells that are found inside the fatty tissues of the body. The cells can help treat wounds that are chronic in nature as caused by different medical conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune disease or heart disease. These stem cells can improve the communication between cells and help damaged tissues regenerate. In other words, JMC stem cell therapy will be utilizing the natural healing mechanisms of your body to help stimulate the healing of the chronic wounds and help you enjoy your life.

A Summary of Chronic Wounds

In simple terms, a chronic wound can be describes as a wound that does not end up healing in a normal manner or within an appropriate amount of time. Most wounds tend to heal within a quick span of time. Generally, wounds tend to heal within a span of three months. If they do not heal within that time period, the wounds are usually considered to have become chronic. Certain factors prevent these wounds from completing their cycle of healing. Generally wounds turn chronic because the following reasons.

Using Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Chronic Wounds

Wounds can only heal properly if there is a proper supply of blood to the region. After all, the damaged area will require nutrients and oxygen in order to heal and only blood is capable of providing these essential items. In order to boost the flow of blood to the area, mesenchymal stem cells can be introduced. These stem cells are easily sourced from the adipose tissues of the body. They possess the ability to accelerate the growth of blood vessels. This allows the wounds to receive enough blood to start healing faster.

Mesenchymal stem cells are located inside the fatty tissues of the body. The properties of these cells can help in improving the health of the surrounding tissues. Via their secretions, these stem cells are able to communicate with the environment in order to produce the necessary substances required for healing. When combined with their ability to create new blood vessels, mesenchymal stem cells can produce remarkable improvements in chronic wound conditions. Some of the benefits brought by these cells include the following.

JMC stem cell therapy uses these mesenchymal stem cells to help patients live a normal life free from the pain of chronic wounds. It uses the latest Celution System to ensure that best results.

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