Jesselton Medical Centre (JMC) was established in 2009 and was first a Maternity and Child Hospital. Later in 2011 it was decided by the shareholders to change JMC into “a one-stop” tertiary centre of international standards. It has 23 consultant rooms, 72 beds of which 59 beds consisted of 16 single rooms and 21 double rooms, 6 intensive Care beds and 7 delivery suites.

Being “a one-stop” medical centre, it has all facilities except radiotherapy. There are 3 state-of-the-art Operating Theatres; a Radiology Department with 1.5 Tesla MRI; 640-slice CT scan; Fluoroscopy; standard X-ray; digital mammography; densitometry; ultrasound scan; physiotherapy; pharmacy; laboratory; and a 24-Hours emergency & trauma department. JMC specialists are well-trained and have many years of experience.

JMC will synergize with government hospitals, general practitioners and other health institutions to ensure its patients get the latest treatment. JMC is also geared to provide medical treatment for medi-tourists. It has an ideal environment for tourists with its sister building – Avangio Hotel – a 5-stars rated hotel that was built adjacent to JMC. JMC intends to register itself with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) to serve and care for tourists who want to come both for medical treatment and to see Sabah’s natural attractions.

Our Vision

A One-Stop Centre of Excellence for the Provision of Quality Medical Care in Sabah, BIMP-EAGA Region and Internationally

Our Mission


To provide high quality and comprehensive patient care for a broad spectrum of disease conditions both common and rare


To educate and encourage the public mindset that early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is the health trend for twenty-first century


To participate in scientific clinical research for the betterment of health services in Sabah particularly and Malaysia generally


To win the confidence of customers through employee loyalty, effective and inspiring leadership support by process improvement, advance technology and continual medical/ nursing education of its staffs