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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Extracting stem cells from your fat and injecting into your injury.

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What are the Procedures?

Using stem cells to repair damaged tissue and improve blood flow.

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Adipose Stem Cell Resources

More information about Adipose Stem Cell Therapy.

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Risk and Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Tony Velasquez and Karmina Constantino talk to Philippine Stem Cell Society founding member & president of Philippine Academy of Aesthetice Academy Dr. Levi John Lansangan and Philippine Medical Association president Dr. Leo Olarte (June 26, 2013).

What are stem cells? – Craig A. Kohn

Is personalized medicine for individual bodies in our future? Possibly — with the use of stem cells, undifferentiated cells with the power to become any tissue in our bodies. Craig A. Kohn describes the role of these incredible, transforming cells and how scientists are harnessing their medical potential. Lesson by Craig A. Kohn, animation by Qa’ed Mai.

TEDxSingapore – Susan Lim – Hype and hope of stem cell research

Dr Susan Lim graduated in Medicine (First Class Honours) from Monash University in 1979. She obtained her Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 1984 (Gold Medal), and in 1988, a PhD in Transplantation and Cell Immunology from the University of Cambridge, UK. She is a surgeon in private practice, an Adjunct Associate Professor, National University of Singapore and Chairman of Stem Cell Technologies i, researching into mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue with a focus both on regenerative applications as well as cancer, specifically breast.